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(32) HOMEOPATHIC - ACNE Facial Treatment Bar


Finally and Acne Bar that penetrates the skin, kills bacteria, heals embarassing scars and blemishes, and closes your pore protecting you form natural environmental elements which can be harmful to your skin.

Acne Treatment bar is loaded with Oils and Butter that will not clog your pores but will leave your face feeling refreshed, glowing, and properly balanced.

We have added a blend of 10 Different 100% Essential Oil to knock out bacteria which causes acne and for added healing we added a pinch of honey and a dash of Dead Sea Salt. You just can't any better that that!


Lather up a soft wash cloth and gently clense your face or other area infected with acne, rinse with warm water then cool water, Pat dry. If necessary go over your face throughout the day with a cotton ball saturated with witch hazel.

Use KeZmine Naturals Acne Bar and watch the transformation Begin.

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